Artists' books

Vocab guide cover I've been making artists' books since first stumbling on the medium in the late 1990s and discovering that people had been doing for decades what I was just starting to articulate to myself.

Custom blank books

sketchbookWhile I love creating artists' books with content, sometimes it's just as satisfying to make a well-crafted blank book that someone else will fill. Sketchbooks, journals, guest books for special occasions... I make them by request or offer them at craft sales. Look for an Etsy store soon.

Commissioned bindings

Eden cover Occasionally someone sees fit to hire me to work with them to bring a book idea into being, or to create a special binding for an existing book.

Writing and other work

Verso errataI started all of this as a poet, writer, and translator. Although I don't write much without a specific artist's book idea in mind these days, sometimes a text comes about, or a single collage or print worth standing alone.

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